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Coordinator, Adult Basic Education


This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

The Coordinator, Adult Basic Education will be responsible for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the pan-territorial, Northern Adult Basic Education program funded by the Federal Government. The incumbent is responsible for insuring that all project objectives are met, and will promote and support the implementation of adult education services and programs at Nunavut Arctic College and in the Nunavut labour market in support of Article 23 objectives.

Media Spokesperson/Presentation Skills Training



Being an effective spokesperson requires more than media response lines.  Making an effective presentation isn't just about having good looking slides.  Giving engaging speech isn't only about having a well written text.  In all instances, it is also about understanding what you want to achieve, your audiences and, above all, yourself. 


This course will help you to be engaged, and comfortable in front of the media or an in-person audience, without having to "put on an act."


Media Relations

Introduction to Inuktitut



This 3-hour introduction to Inuktitut is a perfect way to start your learning!

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Inuktitut (this topic will be taught in English) - Inuktitut in Nunavut and the world -Inuktut writing systems
  • Introduction to Inuktitut grammar
  • Basic Inuktitut greetings 
  • Sounds of Inuktitut
  • Pronouncing Inuit names
  • Learning Inuktitut: an introduction to current courses and resources


Date: September 6, 2017

Pigiarvik (ISL I)



With an introduction to Inuktitut pronunciation and grammar, you will be able to build basic skills in Inuktitut, including:

  • asking and answering simple questions
  • using the singular, dual and plural properly
  • basic simple sentences for various situations in the home and workplace.


Dealing with Stress



Training Objectives:

Develop greater self-awareness and personal stress management abilities by: clarifying the

personal meaning of stress; identifying personal sources of stress; becoming aware of personal

coping strategies; developing new coping strategies; and developing a persona! action plan.

Explore the patterns and barriers that keep us from adapting to change. Move from being

overwhelmed to being in charge, and establishing balance in our lives by using strengths and

finding ways to enhance them.