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RE- AD Instructor, Environmental Technology Program

As per HRM Directive 518, this employment opportunity is restricted to Nunavut Land Claim Beneficiaries only.

The Environmental Technology Program (ETP) is one of Nunavut Arctic College’s most popular diploma programs and is celebrating its 30th Anniversary during the 2017/2018 academic year. The mandate of the ETP is to develop environmental practitioners to meet the needs of private and public organizations that operate in Nunavut.

Uqqaritsautit: Advanced & Traditional Inuktut Terminology



The Uqqaritsautit course explores Inuktut terminology in areas such as environmental

knowledge, justice, community relations and human health. The Inuit language at this articulate

level features rich and very specific terminology although many terms have disappeared from

daily use with the dominance of English in the workplace and education system. With efforts

underway in Nunavut to advance the use of Inuktut in the workplace, there is a strong need for

Conflict Resolution



Learning Objectives:

To help participants understand that conflict is the normal outgrowth of the diversity that characterizes our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions and that each of us has the power over whether conflict becomes a negative or positive experience

Course Content:

o Reviewing the factors leading to conflict

o Examining conflict management strategies

o Factors that affect conflict resolution

o Examining the positive aspects of conflict

Communicating Effectively



Learning Objectives:

  • Using effective communication skills in moving an organization toward realizing its vision and mission.
  • To inspire others to feel more confident about themselves, take action and realize their own personal goals and organizational goals

Course Content:

o Understanding the key components of communications

o Gaining respect and trust through communications

o Reviewing the essential elements of effective communications