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The Department of Education, under the direction of the Minister of Education, is responsible for programs and services that support the following: early childhood education, the K-12 school system, adult learning, and literacy.

A wide range of programs and services are provided to Nunavummiut that encourage and support self-reliance, leading individuals towards productive decisions for themselves and their communities. In order to successfully deliver these programs and meet the needs of Nunavummiut, the Department has developed partnerships within Nunavut and throughout Canada. These partnerships involve Elders, schools, communities, Nunavut Arctic College, District Education Authorities (DEAs) including the Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (CSFN), the Coalition of Nunavut DEAs, other Government of Nunavut departments, the federal government, businesses and Inuit organizations, and public and non-profit boards and agencies.

Life-long learning is also supported and encouraged through curriculum and resource development; early childhood programming; administration and governance of adult learning; and by incorporating Inuit societal values as well as language and culture into all programs and services.


The Department of Education is divided up into several divisions:

Advisory and Administrative Services
K-12 School Operations
Curriculum and School Services
Early Childhood Education Services
Adult Learning and Educational Initiatives


Advisory and Administrative Services

Advisory and Administrative Services includes the Directorate, Policy and Planning and Corporate Services divisions.  The Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister provide advice to the Minister of Education and Cabinet on matters relating to the Department. They also ensure implementation of ministerial direction and government policy.


K-12 Operations

K-12 School Operations consists of programs and services for schools across Nunavut. Reporting to an Assistant Deputy Minister, the Executive Directors of Regional School Operations supervise and administer schools in Nunavut offering kindergarten through Grade 12 programs. 

          Regional School Operations

          Regional School Operations/CSFN offices are responsible for the 
          day-to-day operation of schools, supervision of teaching staff,
          liaison with DEAs, and overseeing the delivery of educational
          programs and services for K-12. They are similar to a school


Curriculum and School Services

Curriculum and School Services carry out research in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, and develop curriculum and related teaching resources and learning materials. The Curriculum and School Services division also assists with in-service training for school staff and DEAs, creates and implements student assessment tools, develops staff and program evaluation tools and coordinates student records, teacher certification and educator and leadership development programs.


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education delivers early childhood programs that offer support for early childhood programs and services for children from birth to age six and for licensed out-of-school programs for children up to age 12.  The Department of Education promotes quality care for children by licensing, inspecting, providing support and guidance to all early childhood programs; by providing workshops and training opportunities for parents and early childhood educators; and by providing support for special needs children.


Adult Learning and Education Initiatives

The Adult Learning and Educational Initiatives division is responsible for research, policy development and strategic planning regarding the Nunavut Adult Learning Strategy (NALS) with programs such as the Pathway to Adult Secondary School graduation (PASS) program and adult literacy, and supports the work of DEA development and implementation of the Education Act. 

The Adult Learning and Educational Initiatives division provides advice and governance for adult learning in Nunavut. This division supports the successful delivery of adult programs in support of the economic growth of the territory, as well provides support to the high priority educational initiatives of the Department.


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