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Media Specialist

Naunaitkutap Nampaa: 
Qanurittumik Havaaqaqtuq: 
Havaktiit Ikayuktiuvinggat: 
Una havaaghaq ilauyuq talvani Nunavutmi Havaktiit Ikayurtingitni
$ 80,282.00 per annum, 37.5 hour/week
Ukiuqtaqtumiutat Akiliuhianggannut Ikayuutit: 
$ 15,016.00 per annum
Ikayurutiqaqtumik havaktimun iglughalik
Closing Date: 
Aktuupa 27, 2017

This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

Reporting to the Manager of Communications, the Media Specialist works to improve the successful delivery of the resources and programs as developed by the Department of Health. The Health of Nunavummiut through the design and implementation of social marketing and communication initiatives. This position develops social marketing initiatives based on departmental priorities for the territory; manages, or assists in managing, a broad and complex array of communications issues, provides a full range of communications and functions and services for the department.

The incumbent assists in managing health related creative contracts related, but not limited to social marketing initiatives, mass media campaigns, resource development, graphic design, and social media messaging, the Media Specialist acts as a guide for department staff to effectively and efficiently deliver communications to Nunavummiut from concept to completion with the assistance of approved contractors which is a major part of this position.

The Media Specialist is responsible for ensuring Health’s websites and file databases are up-to-date and maintained to ensure efficient internal communication processes. Write, develop, and maintain a social media calendar for official Government of Nunavut social media pages to promote and support Health initiatives and programming year round.

The incumbent must have demonstrated ability to work effectively with internal and external suppliers; departments, and organizations. Excellent interpersonal skills, which will be used to provide direction, mediate disputes, provide interpretations, and influence others, good oral and written skills. Contacts are personal, in person or by telephone, and in writing. There is daily contact with senior management of all/various government departments and outside groups, such as the media and strong leadership skills are required for this position.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job are usually obtained through a recognized Post-Secondary Diploma, or Degree in health, business, education, media production, communications, design, marketing/advertising.

Fluency in more than one of Nunavut’s official language is an asset.

At least 2 years’ experience as a team member on complex projects, preferably in either communications, social marketing campaigns or health promotion initiatives, incorporating at least 1 year’s work with administrative, contract management, budgeting and/or government processes. Equivalencies will be considered.

Experience with Drupal or other Content Management Systems, experience with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, experience in working with multiple languages, Knowledge of aboriginal/northern communications, Knowledge of Indigenous/Northern audiences, knowledge of Nunavut audiences/Inuit Values are considered assets.

Knowledge of Inuit language, communities, culture, land and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit is an asset.

If you would like assistance with resume writing or interview preparation please contact the Department of Finance Recruitment & Staffing office at the coordinates below.

  • Nunavut Kavamatkut havagumayut pipkainikkut taungnatqiyaqaqtumik havaktinik taimaatut nakuutqiyamik qauyimayaangani kivgaqlugillu ihariaginiit Nunavunmiut. Hivulliuluaqtittiniaqtait Nunavut Nunatarnikkut Angirutimi Ikayurutiqaqtun.
  • Uuktuqtut naunaittiaqtaghaa pittaarutimiknik piyaamiknik hivulliuluaqtitinikkut ihumaginirmi ataani Nunavut Hivulliulluaqtughat Havaaghaqtittinikkut Maligaghami.
  • Havakniit ilanginni havaani pitquhimayut nakuuyumik ihuinaarhimanikkut ihivriuqnirmik. Pihimaniq ihiunaaqpakhimanikkut ihivriurutimik taimaaqtitaulimaittungnarhiyuq uuktuqtunik ihumagiyaunirnin.
  • Havaakkut tukihitjutait piyauttaaqtut kayumikkukkut, qaritauyakkut uvaniluunniit qaritauyakkuurutaanin.
  • Taapkuanginniat uuktuqtut piyauhimayut havaktighaqhiuqnirmut uqaqatigiyauniaqtut.