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Welcome to the web page for the Legislation Division of the Justice Department

The Department of Justice believes it is of fundamental importance to Nunavummiut that their laws be accessible. To ensure access to the laws of Nunavut, the following may be copied freely for personal use:
  • the statutes and regulations of Nunavut
  • consolidations of the statutes and regulations of Nunavut
  • consolidations of the statutes and regulations of the Northwest Territories as amended, adopted or enacted for Nunavut as of April 1, 1999.

There is no requirement to seek permission and there are no fees to be paid for reproductions of the statutes and regulations for personal use. The electronic versions of the statutes and regulations may not be copied for the purpose of resale in this or any other form without the written consent of the Territorial Printer.

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Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations

Note: Not all legislation of Nunavut is available as an up-to-date consolidation.

Source Law

Statutes of Nunavut (Annual Volumes)

Nunavut Gazette – Part I (Appointments/Revocations/Notices)
Nunavut Gazette – Part II (Regulations/Statutory Instruments)

Consolidated Law on the Creation of Nunavut, April 1, 1999

Consolidated Statutes and Regulations as of April 1, 1999


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