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Introduction to the Inunnguiniq Program


Inunnguiniq can be described as the process of making capable and contributing human beings.  It is the process that ensures that a person has the values and beliefs to guide him or her in using skills for the common good.  Inunnguiniq has been raised consistently by the Nunavut Roundtable for Poverty Reduction as a foundation and solution for reducing poverty in Nunavut. 

Hivuliqtikhanut Program - Emerging Leaders' Series


Hivuliqtikhanut Program – Leadership Development Program
Emerging Leaders’ Series

The Government of Nunavut (GN) has introduced a program to build and sustain leadership capacity. The Hivuliqtikhanut Program is a leadership development program that provides modular, classroom-based learning for three distinct levels (series): emerging leaders, supervisors and senior managers. The leadership development program is offered to all GN departments and territorial corporations.

Managing Skills for Non-Managers Level I & II - Cambridge Bay


Level 1 - How to Lead People That Don't Report To You

Learn how to inspire, influence and motivate people to accomplish important goals - when you have no formal direct reporting authority over them. Managing people when they don't report to you can be tough. How do you deliver feedback? How do you hold people accountable? How do you keep them on track? How do you arrive at consensus? How do you mediate conflict? In this highly interactive and practical workshop, you'll get the skills and knowledge you need to help work colleagues perform at their best.

Uqaqatigiilluk! (Talk About It!)


Uqaqatigiilluk! (Talk About It!) is the Nunavut version of ASIST, a two-day course from Living Works Education ( The workshop is structured around small group discussions and skills practice based on adult learning principles.  Participants learn to recognize the signs of suicide behavior and the skills to talk to people who are thinking of killing themselves. It empowers participants to feel comfortable intervening and keeping a person safe by making a plan or connecting them with further help.

Powerful Coaching Skills: How to Create a High Performing Team - Cambridge Bay


Move Your Team's Performance to the Next Level

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and discover the key ingredients of a winning team. You’ll learn how to analyze key issues of performance and behaviour, and to coach team members using a disciplined approach that builds on shared understanding and agreement on objectives. You’ll come away with a personal action plan for making your own team stronger and more productive.

Workshop Topics:

The Outstanding Administrative Assistant - Cambridge Bay


Management Skills Vital to Today’s Office

In today’s workplace, the administrative support position is the nerve centre of business, industry and government at all levels. Called upon to increase the effectiveness of the office environment, the administrative assistant needs to manage strategies, public relations, resources, time, stress, difficult people conflict and crisis situations calmly, effectively and professionally. This workshop provides management skills vital to today’s support position.

Cultural Orientation Session - Cambridge Bay - NEW DATES


The Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs (EIA) is pleased to offer a Cultural Orientation workshop for new employees which focuses on:

  • Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Guiding Principles
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Traditional Responsibilities
  • Relationship to Environment

Registration forms are received on a first come first served basis.

Maximum class size of 10.

9am - 4pm