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Planning My Retirement - Cambridge Bay - Video-Conference


This two-day course helps to understand some of the implications of various retirement options and to consider the adjustments one will have to make in retirement. This will assist an individual in developing a realistic and effective retirement plan or be able to discuss this with their investment advisors. 


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Course Schedule: Thurs-Fri 9am - 4:30pm

Project Management: Leadership & Communications - Cambridge Bay


The discipline of project management has traditionally focused on the more technical aspects of planning, scheduling and control. That is now changing. People often find themselves at the center of every project, without the effective management of a project's human resources; effectively, the best plan in the world will not ensure project success. The challenge that many project managers face is to inspire initial commitment and sustain it over the life of the project and then, if necessary, to address performance problems.

Training Objectives:

Intercultural Communication - Cambridge Bay


This interactive workshop will allow participants to become comfortable communicating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds by learning how to: identify elements of culture which affect intercultural interaction, recognize communication styles which contrast with our own, interpret messages sent in contrasting communication styles, recognize non-verbal cultural differences in voice, facial expression and gestures, identify and avoid typical intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts, and practice communication skills that are both effective and respectful.

Computer Foundations (Introduction to Computers) - ONLINE


Computer Foundations

Do you feel like your computer is a mysterious machine that never does what you want it to do? Have you ever wondered whether there’s a faster, easier way to do things on your computer? Then sign up for this three-week online course! Computer Foundations covers everything a new user needs to know to be comfortable with their computer, and introduces experienced users to shortcuts, tips and tricks to help them work more efficiently.

Nunavut History & Governance - Kitikmeot Region


This course presents the high points in Nunavut’s incredible history; this course is a primer in Nunavut governance and culture, with strong emphasis on the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NLCA). Ideal for all GN employees, it enables participants to better understand the structure of the Government of Nunavut, as well as the functions of its departments and the roles of the numerous boards, agencies, and other organizations created under the NLCA.

Mentee Training - KITIKMEOT



This session is for all GN employees who are interested in being Mentored to develop their skills and experiences.  The individual seeking guidance to develop their skills and widen their experiences is the Mentee.  The individual providing the guidance is the Mentor.