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NEW DATES - ABLURVIK - Inuinnaqtun Second Language Level 2 - Cambridge Bay


Ablurvik meaning “next steps” builds more complex language skills including:

  • talking about events in the past and future,
  • telling time,
  • possession and the location of objects.

Students are introduced to the syllabic writing system, but will focus on working on regular writing assignments in qaliujaaqpait (roman orthography). Our instructors work with students to perfect their pronunciation and build on the Pigiarvik course.

Course Dates: February 8-19, 2016 - Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

MS Excel 2010 Level I - Cambridge Bay


You Will Learn How To

  • Use and navigate the program
  • Basic data editing
  • Basic and innovative formatting
  • Using formulas and special functions
  • Charting data
  • Printing workbooks

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must already have basic computer experience and knowledge in order to participate in this workshop.

Schedule: Mon-Tue 9am-4pm & Wed 9am-12pm

Windows 8 Introduction - Cambridge Bay


You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify new Windows 8/8.1 operating system features
  • Navigate and perform various tasks using the Windows 8/8.1 interface
  • Use the multilingual features to change languages
  • Perform some customization and maintenance functions
  • Locate and connect to network resources (shared folders and printers)
  • Properly secure your desktop

Hands-On Experience Includes: