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Community Development

Community Development fosters self-reliance through initiatives that develop the communities’ capacity to operate services.

Municipal Funding Program: 

Contributions are provided to all non-tax based municipal corporations to assist with the costs of delivering municipal programs and services which includes but is not limited to:

  • general government services;
  • general works;
  • protective services;
  • transportation;
  • building maintenance;
  • utilities;
  • recreation facilities;
  • land administration;
  • community planning administration;
  • recreation

Equalization grants are provided to tax-based municipal corporations to assist them in maintaining effective levels of operating revenue. Community Development is responsible for administration and monitoring all funds contributed to municipalities under this program

Community Development Fund:

Assists communities in undertaking activities that increases capacity in local decision-making and greater community control over their future. With financial support for community development initiatives, communities are encouraged to build on community strengths and address obstacles to community development. A contribution of up to $50,000 can be provided to assist in developing programs at the municipal level in order to promote self-reliance and support the development of community management skills.

Grants in Lieu of Taxes:

Grants in lieu of taxes may be paid to cities, towns, villages and hamlets to compensate for municipal services provided to GN buildings, as cities, towns, villages and hamlets cannot tax a higher authority. Properties owned by the GN are assessed and compensation through the Grant In Lieu Program provides fair compensation for municipal services provided to its properties by municipal corporations.

Municipal Training Organization (MTO):

Community Development, in partnership with Nunavut Association of Municipal Administrators (NAMA), is responsible for identifying, developing, and implementing programs to provide municipal staff with skills and knowledge that can contribute to excellence in municipal program and service delivery across the territory though the Municipal Training Organization.

For more details, including a calendar of events, training opportunities and documents, please visit the MTO Website.

Water and Sewage Services Subsidy Program:

Community Development is responsible for providing funding for water and sewage services to subsidize costs of those services for users in cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. Subsidy payments are provided to cities, towns, villages, and hamlets who provide water and sewage services to residents in their designated service area. Community Development is responsible for monitoring all funds transferred under this program.

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