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The Honourable Lorne Kusugak

Minister of Community and Government Services

The Honourable Lorne Kusugak was elected in the general election held on October 30, 2017, to represent the constituency of Rankin Inlet South in the 5th Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Kusugak was elected to serve on the Executive Council during the November 17, 2017, proceedings of the Nunavut Leadership Forum. Minister Kusugak was formally sworn into office on November 21, 2017. He serves as the Minister of Community and Government Services and the Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation.

Mr. Kusugak previously served in the 3rd Legislative Assembly, during which he held a number of positions, including Government House Leader, Minister of Community and Government Services and Minister responsible for the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission.

Mr. Kusugak has held a number of public offices, including serving three separate terms as Mayor of Rankin Inlet. During his career, Mr. Kusugak has also been employed as the Executive Director of the Kivalliq Inuit Association and as Chief Executive Officer of the Nunavut Implementation Training Committee.
Mr. Kusugak is the father to three daughters, Kandace Agiaq, Nuatii and Terri Akpalialuk, who he has raised together with his wife Sally.