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Know your rights when holiday shopping

16 December 2022

Public Service Announcement

Know your rights when holiday shopping

The holiday season means an increase in shopping and buying, and the Department of Community and Government Services’ Consumer Affairs division would like to remind Nunavummiut to take caution and be aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Consumer Protection Act.

Shoppers are reminded to:

  • Be cognizant of Facebook scams and buying goods and services online.
  • Understand the terms, conditions, or warranty before signing or purchasing goods or services.
  • Check the quality, quantity, standard, and origin of the goods and services.
  • Keep a copy of your invoices, warranties, and sale contracts.
  • Be informed of unfair and unconscionable practices under section 72.2 of the Consumer Protection Act.

Businesses are advised to refrain from:

  • Making false claims to mislead consumers into buying goods or services.
  • Misleading consumers about a price benefit by pressuring them to opt for a payment plan with a high interest rate.
  • Misrepresenting the quality, quantity, origin, and style of the goods.
  • Misrepresenting the quality and standard of services.
  • Deceptive pricing, terms and conditions.

A copy of section 72.2 Unfair and Unconscionable Practices is available from the Consumer Affairs Office. Contact for Consumer Affairs, consumer protection and awareness across Nunavut.


Media Contact:

Hala Duale
Communications Specialist
Community and Government Services