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Operation Nanook Activity in Nunavut

12 August 2022

Public Service Announcement

Operation Nanook Activity in Nunavut

Operation Nanook is the Canadian Armed Forces, signature Northern operation to deliver Arctic training, develop partnerships, and improve the readiness of all participants. Operation Nanook includes four operations carried out in the Canadian Arctic including Operation Nanook - Nunakput which occurs on northern waterways.

The aim of this operation is to enhance the Canadian Armed Forces ability to operate in a variety of conditions. The Canadian Armed Forces aims to work together with northern partners in response to arctic conditions, coordination and cooperation with Government operations in response to safety and security issues in the North.

Operation Nanook - Nunakput is occurring primarily in Cambridge Bay with a Naval port visit in Pond Inlet. Additionally, it may include additional stops by the ships in Arctic Bay and Qikiqtarjuaq.

The overall operation is taking place between August 15-29, 2022, with some personnel arriving in Cambridge Bay as of yesterday August 11, to begin receiving equipment.

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