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2020 Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq

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“This year’s theme celebrates the practice of naming; a powerful expression of who we are as individuals and as a society,” said Minister of Languages, David Joanasie. “Passed on for countless generations, Inuit names ground us in our families and communities, while keeping the living knowledge of our history, culture and language thriving and strong.”

Nunavut is a unique and distinct linguistic space within Canada. Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq is an annual celebration on the importance, history and diversity of Inuktut in the territory.

Starting in February, the Department of Culture and Heritage will promote activities and release various Inuktut literacy resources on Inuit names and naming customs, including the launch of the new Qilaut CD promoting family and relationships.

Nunavummiut are invited to promote Inuktut this year by using it daily, sharing stories on naming and learning, and participating in the conversation on social media using #Inuktuuqta.