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Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2019

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Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2019

This year’s theme is Inngiusiit Innginnguarusiillu: Traditional Songs and Chants. Nunavut’s month-long celebration of Inuktut also coincides with the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages

 Atii! Taki Inuktuuqta! Let’s all speak Inuktut, and celebrate this important part of our Inuit culture with our families, friends, Elders, students, teachers and co-workers. For more information, please visit

Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2019's theme is inngiusiit inngiusinnguarusiillu, Inuit songs and chants. These are an important part of our Inuit culture, and contribute to preserve our rich language

Do you have inngiusiit or inngiusinnguarusiit to share (Inuit songs and chants)? This is an important part of Inuit culture. Share them at home, school, daycare or at work.