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We Speak Inuktut

The Inuit Language Protection Act was unanimously approved in September 2008 by the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut. Its public communications and services provisions apply to every private sector and government organization operating in Nunavut, including: businesses, societies, community organizations, Inuit organizations, cooperatives, unions, and non-government organizations along with municipal, territorial and federal goverment.


Let's Speak Inuktut 

Nunavut is a model on the national and world stages in the protection of an indigenous language. Our territorial language laws clearly affirm that Inuit in our territory have an inherent right to the use of Inuktut, in full equality with other official languages. This level of statutory protection for an indigenous language still remains unprecedented in Canada today.

  • Did you know? The term Inuktut is inclusive of all dialects used in Nunavut. It also means being strong in Inuit culture and language. Can you name all the dialects used in our territory?
  • Did you know that we have different words in Inuktut to say thank you? Qujannamik, nakurmik, ma'na, qujanaqqut, quana. How do you say it in your dialect?
  • Atii is common to say "let's" for many Inuktitut dialects. Taki is common in Inuinnaqtun. Atii, Inuktuuqta! Taki, Inuktuuqta! Let's speak Inuktut! Do you have other ways of saying "Let's"?
  • Businesses play an important role in promoting the use of Inuktut in our communities. It's also a right in Nunavut. Funding is available to help you making your signs, advertising, and other customer services available in Inuktut. Make your clients happy, serve them in Inuktut. Apply today!