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Loan of Inuit Art to Winnipeg Art Gallery


In the spirit of the Manitoba – Nunavut Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation and Development, signed January 29, 2016, the Department of Culture and Heritage transferred over 7,000 of the department precious works of art to the Winnipeg Art Gallery under a 5 year loan agreement.  

The Winnipeg Art Gallery maintains Canada’s largest collection of Inuit Art and it has an international reputation for curatorial work and documentation. Nunavut’s loan is intended to benefit the Winnipeg museum’s future Inuit Art and Learning Centre.

Through innovative and collaborative education, training and exhibit programs, we have the opportunity to provide greater public accessibility to the collections, and to promote broader awareness of Inuit art and culture.  

The loan demonstrates the Government’s commitment to working in partnership with our provincial colleagues through strategic investments in culture and heritage. The department looks forward to our association with Manitoba on this initiative which we believe shall have long-term positive outcomes for Nunavummiut, residents of Manitoba and all Canadians.


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Director of Heritage
Alex Stubbing
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