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Inuktuuqta! Let’s Speak Inuktut!

26 July 2017

Public Service Announcement

Inuktuuqta! Let’s Speak Inuktut!

Did you know that as of July 9, 2017, all public and private sector organizations in Nunavut must offer their communications and services to the public in Inuktut? This includes signs, posters, commercial advertising, reception and customer or client services. These requirements also apply to private sector organizations serving Nunavummiut.

The Department of Culture and Heritage is committed to helping businesses understand and prepare for their language obligations. The Department has developed an education campaign for small businesses in Nunavut, and has launched a small grant program to help private sector bodies meet their language requirements.

Support is also available through Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit (IUT) and the Office of the Languages Commissioner (OLC). IUT is available to review terminology and orthography for signs and other documents, and the OLC is available to help create an Inuit language plan.

The Government of Nunavut is committed to promoting the use of Inuktut in day-to-day services for Nunavummiut.


Media contact:

Dan Pimentel
Communications Manager
Department of Culture and Heritage