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Community and Government Services 

Community and Government Services (CGS) works with community governments to meet the needs of residents. This department provides programs and funding to support municipal operations as well as infrastructure and land development. Additionally, CGS directly serves the public, providing services such as; fire safety promotion, inspection and training; building inspections, search and rescue coordination and training and fuel distribution. CGS is also responsible for promoting healthy living by supporting amateur sport and local recreational opportunities all over Nunavut.


Culture and Heritage 

The Department of Culture and Heritage develops and implements policies, programs and services aimed at strengthening the culture, language, heritage and physical activity of Nunavummiut. This department works to promote Inuit societal values in the workplace and throughout the territory, supporting community-based individuals and organizations in cultural, language and heritage activities. 


Economic Development and Transportation 

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation has a primary goal of ensuring Nunavummiut participate in the benefits of economic growth. This department is responsible for ensuring sustainable economic growth, helping build healthy communities and essential infrastructure. In addition, the Department of Economic Development and Transportation is responsible for the management and operation of Nunavut’s airports, as well as the Motor Vehicles Division. 



The Department of Education provides education and training for Nunavummiut of all ages. In addition to providing public education to children and youth, this department provides a number of programs, services and funding for early childhood education, adult education and career training and development. 



The Department of Environment is responsible for program areas such as Wildlife Management, Parks and Special Places, Environmental Protection and fisheries and sealing. This department provides education and outreach to a wide range of audiences including youth, community members, elders and teachers to ensure the Inuit societal value of Avatittinnik Kamatsiarniq (environmental stewardship). 


Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs 

The Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs (EIA) communicates the policies, objectives and accomplishments of the government within the Government of Nunavut, to Nunavummiut and to those outside the territory. EIA supports the Executive Council (Cabinet) and is led by Premier PJ Akeeagok. This department is also home to the Devolution Division, Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP), Nunavut Bureau of Statistics, Government Liaison Offices, Intergovernmental Affairs, Policy and Planning and Inuit Employment. The Communications Division communicates with the public through news and media releases and social media. Additionally, EIA provides training and development opportunities to new and current employees. 


Family Services 

The Department of Family Services provides protection to vulnerable members of society, and works to increase self-reliance and improve standards of living in Nunavut. Key elements of this department include child welfare, adoptions, social advocacy, poverty reduction initiatives, family violence prevention, income assistance, career development and financial assistance for post-secondary students. 



The Department of Finance determines the financial needs of the Government of Nunavut, and ensures that the government spends funds appropriately. This department is also responsible for taxation and insurance. Additionally, Finance is home to Human Resources. 



The Department of Health works to improve the health and well-being of Nunavummiut through various programs and services related to mental, physical and sexual health. Addictions support is also available through this department. In addition, the Department of Health is responsible for medical travel and health insurance for residents of Nunavut. 


Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources is the primary advisor to the Government of Nunavut (GN) on all human resources matters. The department ensures that specific human-resource development goals, objectives and priorities of the government are achieved. The department is a central agency that works within a structure that assists all other departments and public bodies within the GN.



The Department of Justice is responsible for ensuring the activities of the Government of Nunavut are conducted lawfully. The department provides legal services to Cabinet, and manages correctional facilities and community justice programs for Nunavummiut. Administration for the Nunavut Court of Justice is also provided by the Department of Justice