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What programs and funding does the department offer?

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation provides funding for a variety of projects to individuals, businesses, organizations and communities under the following programs:

Community Tourism and Cultural Industries

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation may make contributions under this program towards community-based projects that support tourism and cultural industries in the following program areas:

  • Investments linking cultural industries and tourism, and
  • Investments in community tourism initiatives.

Country Food Distribution

The funds available through the Country Food Distribution Program will support projects that help Nunavummiut meet their basic food needs by improving their access to affordable, healthy country food.

Arts Development

Qualified artists and art organizations may apply for a multitude of funding under this program for various activities including travel, music production, marketing and innovation

Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund

The Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund provides grants to develop and carry out science-based extra-curricular programming for Nunavut youth.

Small Business Support

This program is primarily focused on providing up-and-coming small businesses, community organizations and individuals with support to grow.

Strategic Investments

This program offers assistance to businesses, community governments, not-for-profit corporations and societies. Under the program, businesses can get a contribution to cover expansion or start-up costs. Community governments, not-for-profit corporations and societies can get funding for training, marketing and community development.

Program Partnerships

This policy outlines the general terms and conditions by which partnerships with communities and non-governmental organizations will be established.

Community Access Roads

This helps link communities to adjacent resources. It can fund all-weather or seasonal roads or trails.

Prospectors' Assistance

Qualified prospectors may apply for a contribution of up to $8,000 per year to cover basic expenses while exploring for new mineral occurrences in Nunavut. This financial support applies to project-related expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, food allowance while in the field, assistant wages, prospecting supplies, and mineral assay costs.