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Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program

This program strengthens community infrastructure and readiness for tourism, and enhances economic development in sectors such as music, digital media, writing and performing arts.

Outfitters, tourist establishments, businesses, artist organizations, hunters and trappers organizations, artists, societies, studios or artist co-operatives and municipalities can apply for funding. Priority under these three funds will be given to organizations that do not receive core funding from EDT.

The Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program has three streams:

Getting Started, Arts Creation and Training (Schedule A)

This stream’s objective is to support education and training for small businesses, individuals, organizations and municipalities that seek to start, build upon or enhance their service delivery capacity or hone their artistic ability. The eligible activities are:

  • Purchase of raw materials, art supplies and equipment;
  • Establishment or reestablishment of a sustainable business or service;
  • Artist-in-residence
  • Arts training, mentoring, and workshops, including youth-based initiatives;
  • Innovation in the Tourism and Arts sectors;
  • Tourism Planning and Coordination; and
  • Business skills training opportunities, including guide training for tourism businesses.

Product Development and Marketing (Schedule B)

This stream supports the development of Nunavut’s Arts, Cultural and Tourism Sectors. This schedule provides assistance to Nunavut Small Businesses, organizations, individuals, and municipalities that have identified promising product and marketing opportunities. The eligible activities are:

  • Collaborative initiatives involving multiple artists from one or several disciplines for cultural tourists;
  • Community engagement and development. This may include hiring a community tourism coordinator, developing a tourism plan, or aiding in preparation for cruise ship visits;
  • Developing marketing strategies;
  • Exhibition, Shows, touring presentations, attending showcases;
  • Marketing tourism activities, products and attractions;
  • Product development and improvements, including packaging offerings; and
  • Recording.

Infrastructure Improvement (Schedule C)

This stream supports infrastructure development and will add value to the cultural and tourism sectors. Funding is targeted towards small businesses, artist studios, municipalities, and other organizations and will support community visitor centre improvements and the installation of public art displays through activities such as:

  • Develop new and repair/upgrade existing arts, culture and tourism infrastructure;
  • Improving visitor centres and visitor welcome displays at Nunavut airports;
  • Develop new and repair/upgrade shared arts studio space;
  • Community beautification; and
  • Producing Art for public spaces.

Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program Application Form
Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program Guidelines
Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program Guidelines - Arts
Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program Policy


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