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Small Business Support Program

This program is primarily focused on providing up-and-coming small businesses, community organizations and individuals with support to grow. Program eligibility is limited to Nunavut Residents and business majority owned by Nunavut Residents. It contains three funds:

Small Business Opportunities Fund

  • aims to help business start-ups and expansions
  • includes support for developing business and marketing plans
  • also supports new pilot projects, and business and "wind-down"

Entrepreneur Development Fund

  • assists business through training and skill development
  • eligible training includes accounting, bookkeeping, business start-up, and tourism safety and risk management
  • also assists in the establishment of business aftercare programs

Sustainable Livelihood Fund

  • supports activity in the tourism, arts & crafts and harvesting sectors
  • assistance to overcome immediate legal or bookkeeping problems
  • support the purchase of tools and other minor capital items
  • helps pay for tourism operators' liability insurance

The Small Business Support Program Policy can be found on page 20 of the Grants and Contributions Policy.

Small Business Support Program Application 

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Department of Economic Development and Transportation