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How do I get a taxi driver’s licence?

You must apply for a taxi driver’s licence/permit at the local municipal or hamlet office, in accordance with existing municipal or hamlet Taxi By-Law.  Before you apply, you must possess either a valid Nunavut Class 4, 3, 2 or 1 Driver’s Licence, as per the Nunavut Driver’s Licence Regulations.

If you only have a Class 5 Nunavut Driver’s Licence and want to be able to apply for a taxi driver’s licence/permit, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least age 18
  2. Possess a valid Class 5 Nunavut Driver’s Licence with a minimum of 1-year driving experience
  3. Nunavut Driver’s Licence must not be suspended or expired
  4. Pass and submit a Class 4 Driver’s Medical Examination Report to local Motor Vehicles Division issuing office or office of Municipal Liaison Office (MLO) or Government Liaison Office (GLO). There is a fee for the medical report.
  5. Pay test fee of $35.25 ($10.25 if age 60 or older). This fee covers written and practical road test. You must schedule an appointment.
  6. Required to study both the Nunavut Driver’s Manual and Nunavut Professional Handbook.
  7. After passing the written test with Government of Nunavut Driver Examiner, you will then be required to pass a vision test.
  8. For a Class 4 practical road test, you can use either a 4-door sedan/SUV, or a van (maximum seating capacity of 24 passengers). As part of the practical road test, you will be required to complete a “walk-around” pre-trip inspection of your test vehicle.
  9. After passing the Class 4 practical road test, must pay an “upgrade” fee of $15.40 ($12.40 if age 60 or older)
  10. When upgrading your Nunavut Driver’s Licence from Class 5 to Class 4, you must show your current Class 5 Nunavut driver’s licence along with two government-issued identifications. One piece of indentification has to show your date of birth.