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What are the benefits of getting on the NNI registry?

What are the benefits of getting on the NNI registry?

Being on the NNI registry qualifies a business to be referred to as a “Nunavut Business” for the purposes of the NNI Policy.  A Nunavut Business on the NNI Registry qualifies it for a bid adjustment when bidding on Government of Nunavut contracts as part of the preferential bidding policy maintained by the territorial government for businesses that are designated as a Nunavut Business operating in Nunavut.

For Government contracts done through a Request for Tender process the adjustments are as follows: 

  • -7% bid adjustment for Inuit Business status 
  • -7% bid adjustment for Nunavut Business status 
  • -7% bid adjustment for Local Business status

For Government contracts done through Request for Proposals (RFPs), the NNI Policy outlines that at minimum 15% of the evaluation criteria must be devoted to Inuit Content (10% for Inuit labour requirements and 5% for use of Inuit Firms). For RFPs with clear cost criteria, the bid adjustment levels for tenders will be applied to the price portion of the evaluation as well.

The adjustment for the labour component of tenders is calculated based on the worker’s individual residential (Local/Nunavut) and Beneficiary (Inuit) status. The bid adjustments on all non-labour components of a Tender are calculated based on the Business’ status.

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