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Authentic Nunavut for Artists


for artists

it’s yours to use

Using the Authentic Nunavut tag will certify the origin of your Nunavut arts and crafts around the world.

This section of the Authentic Nunavut website is specifically for you, the artists of Nunavut.

why you should use the program

There are lots of good reasons to support the Authentic Nunavut brand program and to use the Authentic Nunavut logo.

The Authentic Nunavut symbol and Nuna Tag are available to all Nunavut artists who register for the program. And it’s free to register!

The Authentic Nunavut logo:

  • Provides a common visual identification for all Nunavut artists to market their products
  • Distinguishes Nunavut arts and crafts from the product made in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavik and Labrador
  • Promotes the differences between “fakelore” and authentic Nunavut art

When you register for the brand, you can chose to be part of the Nunavut Arts Database to ensure that buyers have access to information about you and your artwork. People who appreciate Nunavut arts and crafts want to know about you, the influences on your work, how you developed your talent and why you enjoy making arts and crafts.  The Nunavut Arts Database offers you a chance to share your story and add more to the experience buyers have when they purchase your artwork.

how to register

who can use the Authentic Nunavut brand and logo?

To participate in the Authentic Nunavut brand program, you must be a Nunavut resident living in Nunavut for at least one year and an artist,who makes arts and crafts as described in Sanaugait: A strategy for growth in Nunavut’s arts and crafts sector. See exceptions.

Arts and crafts have been defined within the scope of the strategy by the word sanaugait, meaning “things made by hand.” This definition includes but is not limited to: carvings in stone, ivory, bone, and antler; fine art prints, drawings and paintings; ceramics; textile arts, wall hangings and woven tapestries; basketry; contemporary fashions and traditional clothing; and, jewelry and metal art.

The Authentic Nunavut brand will certify the authenticity of arts and crafts from Nunavut and will be available to all artists from Nunavut registered for the program.

It’s free to register for the Authentic Nunavut program. Contact us by phone at (867) 473-2668 or toll free at 1-888-975-5999. Artists can fill in this form to register. Retailers can fill in this form to register. 

how to use the logo

Once you register, you can use the Authentic Nunavut logo to identify your arts and crafts. The Authentic Nunavut logo is available on:

  • a hang tag (hang tags have string on them so you can tie them to an item.)
  • a sticker (stickers can be used on the back of existing tags ,on the bottom of carvings or on the back of prints and drawings)
  • a fabric label (available in three different sizes. Textile labels can be sewn on the inside of a parka or a hat, into the seam of a purse or pair of mitts)


How to fill in a hang tag?

The hang tag gives buyers important information about you. Your name and home community, the name of the piece and the year it was created are the things that a buyer wants to know and could turn a potential sale, into a definite sale. Click here for a picture of how to fill in the hang tag. 

There is a small fee for the tags and stickers:

  • Stickers - Cost: $5.00 for a sheet of 96 stickers.
  • Hang tags - Cost: $0.15 each or $15.00 for 100 tags.
  • Fabric labels (in three different sizes - Cost: $0.15 each, or $15.00 for 100 labels.

Other colourful Authentic Nunavut sales materials are available for free. They include display items like tent cards and brochures. Also, you can access free-use banners for your website.
Check them out here.

questions & answers

Q: Who can use the brand and logo for Nunavut arts and crafts?
A: The brand program can be used by:

  • any artist who lives in Nunavut and makes a living from arts and crafts;
  • retailers and wholesalers anywhere in the world who sell authentic Nunavut arts and crafts.

Q: Who owns the trademark for the Nunavut brand for arts and crafts?
A: The trademark is owned by the Government of Nunavut and administered by the Department of Economic Development and Transportation.

Q: Why is there a need for a logo?
A: The development of an international brand for Nunavut is fundamental to marketing and establishing a nationally, and internationally, recognized presence of Nunavut’s arts and crafts.

Q: Who is responsible for the implementation of the branding program for Nunavut arts and crafts?
A: The Department of Economic Development and Transportation is responsible for implementation of the branding program as well as for monitoring on going registration and usage of the brand and the logo?

Q: How does EDT ensure control of the logo?
A: Guidelines and standards have been developed for the use of the logo to ensure a clear and consistent image representing the mark of authenticity for Nunavut arts and crafts. The Government of Nunavut has registered the Authentic Nunavut logo as a trademark under the Trademark Act of Nunavut.

Q: How do I become part of the program?
A: Registration packages are available at, at your Regional EDT office and at the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association.

Q: How much does the program cost to join?
A: Registration for the program is free of charge. Tags and stickers are available
for a fee. See page 3 for pricing details.

Q: What does the logo represent?
A: This design combines all the elements of the land in Nunavut – earth, water and sun. This holistic image resonated with the artists because, “This is Nunavut. It says it all.” Artists shared their observations, thoughts and feelings about life on the land, the joy of geography, discovering the land and how the land sustains them. The land brings the artists happiness, which is shared through their art.

Q: How was the logo developed?
A: Brand logo design goals were established through an inclusive, interview process with artists at the Nunavut Arts Festival in June 2008, we learned that the priority for all Nunavut artists is ‘the land’ and the profound influence of the implicit landscape/environment. The cultural story of the Inuit was also expressed as intimately connected to the ‘land’.

The artists set the following brand logo design goals:

  • connection to the land (“I want my art to speak the land it comes from”);
  • place of origin (for people and for artwork);
  • authenticity (made by an artist from Nunavut); and,
  • hopefulness, optimism, togetherness.

Q: Does this logo replace the Igloo Tag?
A: No, this logo does not replace the Igloo Tag. The two logos can be used together by retailers. The Department of Economic Development and Transportation is negotiating with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for an official partnership between the two programs.

Q: Where can I get information about the brand logo and the program?
A: Information about the brand logo and the program is available through the Department of Economic Development and Transportation from the territorial