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Authentic Nunavut for Retailers


for retailers

the symbol of authenticity

The Authentic Nunavut brand and logo guarantees the origin of the Nunavut arts and crafts that you promote and sell.

why support the brand?

Take full advantage of the Authentic Nunavut branding program. Registration is free!

Using the Authentic Nunavut logo on Nunavut arts and crafts in your gallery:

  • Certifies their authenticity as works from Nunavut
  • Provides a recognizable image for all Nunavut arts and crafts
  • Promotes genuine Nunavut arts and crafts over imitations
  • Distinguishes Nunavut arts and crafts from those of other Arctic regions
  • Strengthens and supports Nunavut’s rich artistic traditions, cultural heritage

The Authentic Nunavut brand and Nuna logo are available to all retailers who register for the program. Using the Nuna Tag certifies the authenticity of Nunavut arts and crafts locally, nationally and around the world.

The Authentic Nunavut brand will complement, not replace, existing tags and logos. The branding program is designed to be used either independently or along with other symbols, as decided by the artists or retailers themselves. There are important existing logos and symbols associated with Nunavut fine art and crafts: Igloo Tag; Cape Dorset chop; Pangnirtung chop; Baker Lake chop. These existing brands are well established with broad awareness and credibility with collectors. They form a strong foundation for the current Nunavut international branding project on the global market.

how to register

eligibility for use of the brand for nunavut arts and crafts

Retailers and wholesalers wishing to use the Authentic Nunavut brand must sell authentic Nunavut arts and crafts and will have the sole responsibility for ensuring that all items tagged within their outlets/galleries are authentic Nunavut arts and crafts. See exceptions.

In addition to the registration form, retailers and wholesalers are required to submit a copy of their business license with their registration. 

Retailers and wholesalers are required to provide the following information about their operation:

  • name of supplier(s) of Nunavut arts and crafts
  • % of inventory that is Nunavut arts and crafts

Forms Required:

  • Retailer/Wholesaler Registration Form 
  • Terms of Usage Agreement

how to use it

Marketing materials carrying the Authentic Nunavut logo are now available. There will be nominal fees for the hang tags and stickers:

  • Brand logo stickers for use on tags attached to current stock of authentic Nunavut arts and crafts. Cost:  $5.00 per sheet (96 stickers per sheet).
  • Hang tags (Nuna Tags) for use with new works. Cost $0.15 each,  $15.00 for 100 tags or $150.00 for 1000 tags.
  • Free window decals that show your gallery carries Authentic Nunavut arts.
  • Free display and point-of-sale materials, including tent cards and information brochures for purchasers.

With your free registration for the Authentic Nunavut branding program, you’ll gain access to exclusive online marketing tools:

  • Access to the Nunavut Artists’ Database where you can search and download artist profiles for your customers
  • A profile of your gallery on the Nunavut Artists’ Database
  • Access to other Nunavut information in pdf format for easy download and printing
  • Inclusion in the Nunavut arts and crafts website’s public “Find your nearest gallery” search function
  • Access to other Nunavut arts and artists information in pdf format
  • Free-use materials for your website and customer communications

If you receive a shipment of Nunavut arts and crafts and the artists have identified their work with a Nuna Tag, please support the brand by keeping the tag and the piece together.

what does the Nuna Tag tell people?

The Nuna Tag supplies specific, individual details about each work of Nunavut art or craft.

1. The Government of Nunavut’s guarantee that the piece was hand made by a Nunavut artist.

2. The name of the artist who created the piece, written by the artist or retailer. It may appear in Inuktitut syllabics — the language of Nunavut Inuit.

3. The name of the community where the artist lives. Many communities have changed their official names from English to Inuktitut. The map in this brochure uses the current official names of the communities.

4. The year the work of art or craft was created.

5. A description of the work by subject and materials: for example, “Drum dancer – stone and antler.”

The information on the Nuna Tag enhances the value of the Nunavut arts and crafts you purchase by guaranteeing their provenance. Keep your Nuna Tags in a safe place for easy reference and proof of origin.