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Overview/Contact Information for Transportation



The department has four divisions involved in transportation: Iqaluit International Airport, Nunavut Airports, Motor Vehicles and Transportation Policy and Planning. TPP is responsible for planning roads, marine and air infrastructure development for Nunavut. To achieve this end, the division develops long and short-term plans and strategies for Nunavut's transportation system, including advocating for Nunavut's unique needs in federal government transportation policy activities and securing an ongoing funding agreement with the federal government for infrastructure. The division also works with communities and transportation users to plan for transportation related infrastructure.

The safety of passengers and pedestrians on Nunavut's roads is the first priority of the Motor Vehicles division. Motor Vehicles provides services and programs to ensure established motor vehicle regulations and safety requirements are promoted to road users and enforced as required. The division administers all aspects of driver licensing and vehicle registrations and maintains statistics for accident reporting. The division also works with and assists agencies working in most Nunavut communities to ensure the services of Motor Vehicles are available throughout the territory. The division delivers a basic vehicle inspection program and promotes road safety to ensure the safety of all road users.

Nunavut Airports is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 24 airports outside Iqaluit. The division ensures that facilities and Community Aerodrome Radio Stations (CARS) are in regulatory compliance and that staff and equipment meet or exceed federal standards. This involves a close working relationship with Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, and the community governments and contractors who provide services to operate and maintain the airports and CARS. It also works with the consultants and contractors needed to deliver construction projects.

The Iqaluit International Airport serves a vital role supporting air transportation in Nunavut, trans-Atlantic air navigation, polar routes and North American Air Defence. As one of 26 airports included in Canada’s National Airport System, the Iqaluit International Airport is deemed to be of strategic importance to Canada.

To reach people working in these divisions please call toll-free 1-888-975-5999 or email

You can also mail:

Transportation Policy & Planning
P.O. Box 1000, Station 1500
1104A Inuksugait Plaza
Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0

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