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Starting on the Right Path
Seven Steps for Help You Start Your Business

1. Take a Good Look at Yourself
2. Identify Your Customers
3. Build a Support Network
4. Make it Official
5. Facilities and Staff
6. Write a Business Plan
7. Obtain Financing

Keep It Going
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The Department of Economic Development and Transportation is pleased to introduce this popular guide to starting a business in Nunavut.

This “how-to” guide is for you, a person with a good business idea and the willingness to work hard, who wants to know about the first steps to take to get started on the right path.

This guide provides the basic information you should know, so that your efforts to create a new business can be rewarded, and you won’t get tied up in “red-tape”.

As our economy grows, local businesses will take a greater role in our communities in generating wealth and creating jobs. Major investments in Nunavut by natural resource companies in industries like mining and fisheries are creating new opportunities for local businesses able to provide the goods and services these companies need. There are business opportunities in tourism, arts and crafts, and other key sectors. More and more Nunavummiut are considering a career in business – their own business.

Seven Steps to Help You Start Your Business explains what being in business in Nunavut is all about, and what you will have to do to succeed.

We wish you every success in your new venture!