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Travel and Tourism Act Consultations

The Travel and Tourism Act consultations have wrapped up

Between September 23 and October 30, 2015 over 235 people participated in meetings, webinars and individual conversations and 53 people responded to the online survey. Youth and elders provided input throughout the consultation.

Thank you to all of the people who gave their opinion and helped shape the new Travel and Tourism Act.

To show appreciation for their participation, people who attended community meetings and webinars, and/or responded to the online survey had their name entered in a draw for the chance to win an iPad. The winner was Samuel Arreak from Pond Inlet.

Samuel Arreak

A report was created that reflects what happened at the consultations:

Nunavut Travel and Tourism Act Consultation Report

The department is reviewing the views presented during the consultations and will be considering these in deliberations as a new act is prepared for introduction in Nunavut's Legislative Assembly in 2016.