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GN encourages Greenland to begin scheduled flights to Nunavut

25 February 2011

IQALUIT, Nunavut (February 25, 2011) – Premier Eva Aariak and Minister of Economic Development & Transportation Peter Taptuna are recommending Air Greenland open an air link between Iqaluit and Greenland. This afternoon, both Premier Aariak and Minister Taptuna made their pitch to Greenland Premier Kuupik Kleist, other Greenland ministers and employees of Air Greenland.

“Nunavut and Greenland share a similar language, history, culture and education,” said Premier Aariak. “We could capitalize on and strengthen these similarities by establishing an air link between both regions. Both jurisdictions have signed a memorandum of understanding that formalizes our agreement. This air link will further cement our already solid relationship.”

Air Greenland is considering Iqaluit as a Canadian destination.

Minister Taptuna says scheduled flights between the two regions make sense.

“There are many business partnerships that could be forged if the route between Iqaluit and Greenland is established,” said Taptuna. “There are tourism, fishery, construction and mining synergies out there that could be approached if we have direct access to Greenland. People around the world are looking to do business in the north and we should be traveling across the Davis Strait to see how we can mutually benefit from this interest.”

Nuuk to Iqaluit is the first step in a one-day trip to Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto. There are three airlines providing jet service to Ottawa and beyond. Iqaluit is also a hub for flights to most Nunavut communities.

There is a 20-year history of flight between Iqaluit and Greenland – 13 years between Iqaluit and Nuuk and seven years between Kangerlussuaq and Iqaluit.


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