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Investments in Aviation Training for NWT and Nunavut students

06 August 2014

Investments in Aviation Training for NWT and Nunavut students

YELLOWKNIFE (August 6, 2014) – Northerners who are training to work in the aviation industry at northern airports are eligible for scholarships sponsored by the Governments of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Discovery Air, Keewatin Air and North-Wright Air.

Scholarships worth $5,000 will be awarded to help students with the high costs of training for a variety of careers in northern aviation. Previous winners have gone on to careers such as airport operations specialists, airport managers, aviation-related and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), and pilots.

"Our government is committed to helping northerners get training to pursue aviation careers in their communities," said Northwest Territories Minister of Transportation Tom Beaulieu. "The aviation industry has been key to northern life for many years and is a vital connection linking communities to each other. Investments in our residents and in training through this scholarship have long-term benefits for the industry and our transportation system."

"Air travel is a necessity in Nunavut," said George Kuksuk, Nunavut’s Minister of Economic Development and Transportation. "The Government of Nunavut encourages more Nunavummiut to develop careers in the aviation industry and this scholarship gives them a step up as they access the required training."

The Northern Aviation Scholarship is available to full-time residents of either territory. Applications are due August 29 for this month’s intake and September 26 for the final intake of the year.


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