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Nunavut’s new Driver’s Licence wins International Award

23 April 2009

IQALUIT, Nunavut (April 23, 2009) – Minister of Economic Development & Transportation Peter Taptuna is proud to announce that Nunavut’s new driver’s licence has won the Award for Best Design in the Identification Card category at the International Card Manufacturers Association’s annual Élan Award ceremony. 

The ceremony was held earlier this month in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The award is presented to the most creative, attractive or unique card used for ID purposes. Nunavut’s card won the award based on the printed surface design as well as technical features designed to meet security standards and other customer needs. The Nunavut Driver’s Licence design was selected from a wide-range of card designs submitted from around the world. 

“This award is a testament to how the Government of Nunavut is providing Nunavummiut with cutting-edge identification that conforms to international standards.” said Minister Taptuna. “The Nunavut driver’s licence has joined the ranks of the best and most secure cards in the world.”

The card features laser engraving, rainbow printing, microprint, UV fluorescent images, and a Multiple Laser Image that displays a secondary photo and other data when tilted.

As well as these security features, the card presents distinct northern images of a dog sled, the traditional mode of transportation, and an inuksuk, a symbol of guidance and direction. The back of the card features the territorial flower, the purple saxifrage, a flower that is found blooming in the early spring throughout the territory under the last snow of winter. Its strength and beauty is a testament to all who call Nunavut their home.

As part of the contract to supply Nunavut with its new Driver’s Licence, Identification Cards and secure issuance system solution, the Canadian Bank Note Company was responsible for the card design. 

“Our objective when designing security documents is not only to provide designs which capture the identity and culture of the territory involved, but also incorporate anti-counterfeiting features based on today’s and future threats. In designing driver’s licences, we are also challenged by the small surface area presented. I am not surprised that this design has won an international award, as I think we have created a superb balance between the aesthetics and security features necessary to prevent counterfeiting and fraud”, says Ian Shaw, President of Identification Systems Division of Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited. “We are very proud of the total solution we are providing to the Government of Nunavut and the international recognition we are sharing with them with this award.”

The company spent five months designing and making the licence ready for production.
As well as receiving the recognition, both the Canadian Bank Note Company and Government of Nunavut will receive an award to display. 

The driver’s licence, and the new Nunavut General Identification Card, are available to all Nunavummiut. Minister Taptuna encourages all people living in Nunavut to obtain a version of the award-winning card.


For more information, contact:
Matthew Illaszewicz
Manager, Communications, Economic Development & Transportation

Michael Delich
Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited, Vice-President Marketing, ID Systems Division
613-722-6607, ext. 4405


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In the Department of Economic Development & Transportation we put people first; helping to build healthy communities, the infrastructure and identification documents they need to link to each other, to the rest of Canada, and to the world. The role of the department is to respond to economic development opportunities so Nunavummiut participate fully in the benefits of economic growth. This includes providing a safe, secure and efficient transportation system and top-of-the-line identification cards so Nunavummiut can use it. 

Canadian Bank Note Company Limited
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