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Transport your goods safely!

03 December 2018

Public Service Announcement

Transport your goods safely!

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation advises Nunavummiut that goods and heavy loads must be properly secured at all times during transport.

It is important not to overload vehicles, lock or secure sea cans to trailers using tie downs properly, watch out for any hanging items or power lines and make sure the transport vehicle has proper tires installed. Commercial vehicle operators are required to use tie downs marked with a work load limit or WLL.

You could be fined $230 and have three demerit points added to your licence if you don’t secure your goods properly.

Avoid fines and ensure safety comes first. Transport your goods safely! For more information, contact James Demcheson at 867-975-7843 or email


Media contact:

Matthew Illaszewicz
Manager, Communications
Department of Economic Development and Transportation