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Math and Science Awards Program

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation recognizes that a solid foundation in math and science provides an opportunity for Nunavummiut to pursue interests and careers in math, science and technology.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible students are well-rounded individuals who perform exceptionally in math and/or science. They must demonstrate at least one of the following qualities:

  • A good level of understanding in math and/or science,
  • Good work habits and school attendance,
  • A genuine interest, motivation and dedication to learning math and/or science, and/or
  • Significant growth or improvement in math and/or science.

Grade eight recipients are awarded $175, Grade 10 recipients are awarded $275, and Grade 12 recipients are awarded $350.

To qualify for the award, each school must identify the recipient(s) and submit a completed application form for each recipient.

Each award will be mailed to the school in the form of a cheque and certificate. The awards are intended to be presented at each school graduation or awards ceremony.

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation appreciates the participation of each school in this program.

The Math and Science Awards Fund policy can be found on page 17 of the Grants and Contributions Policy

Application deadline: March 31.



For more information on applying for this award, please contact:

Anne Renee Angalik, Mining Awareness Coordinator
Phone: (867) 857-3164
Fax: (867) 857-2380