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$10-a-day Child Care

Families across Nunavut with children 6 years and under can access child care at an affordable rate of $10-a-day, where licensed child care is available. As part of the federally funded Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care system, this program started December 1, 2022, allowing Nunavummiut to save up to $55 per day for each child in care. This provides tangible benefits to families in the territory experiencing a rise in the cost of living.

How to access $10-a-day child care

To access $10-a-day child care in Nunavut, parents need to enroll their preschool-aged children in a licensed child care centre or a licensed home daycare.  


How do I access $10-a-day child care?
Licensed child care centres will apply to become $10-a-day providers. Parents access the program by enrolling their preschool-aged children at a participating centre. If parents want to register their child in a $10-a-day centre, they should reach out to their local licensed child care provider(s) to find out about availability, waitlists, and enrollment procedures.

Licensed Child Care Centres in Nunavut

What age is covered?
Pre-school aged children in Nunavut refers to children up to six years of age until they attend full-time school, which is usually the start of grade one.

Is it $10-a-day for all my children?
No, the program provides child care at the rate of $10-a-day per child.

Can this be combined with other parental fee subsidies?
Yes, some parents may be eligible for additional parental fee subsidies:

Nunavut Land Claims Beneficiaries

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Funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada ‒ Nunavut Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.