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2021-22 Opening Plan for Nunavut Schools

Learning to Be Together Again

Based on our individual and collective experiences of COVID-19 and the outlook for the new school year, the Department of Education has created Learning to Be Together Again: Support for Nunavut Schools in 2021-22. The goal of this document is to support school leaders and their teams in a smooth transition back to school while recognizing the challenges and opportunities schools have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we navigate the new reality of living with COVID-19, the Department of Education will continue its focus on keeping students, families, and staff healthy and safe.

How schools respond to COVID-19 will look different this year. Instead of the 4-stage approach used in 2020-21, the Chief Public Health Officer will consider the following factors to determine the impact on school operations:

  • The status of COVID-19 in each community, including transmission of COVID-19 variants
  • Healthcare capacity to respond to COVID-19 in a community
  • Public health capacity to test, trace, and isolate cases
  • Vaccine coverage within certain age groups, schools, and communities

The department has updated the Health and Safety Guidelines for Nunavut Schools to reflect this new approach.

Our lived experiences will inform and guide the way we learn to be together again and reinforce what we know is true: Nunavut schools are grounded in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and must continue to be safe, supportive, and inclusive environments.