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Inuktut Titiqqiriniq Program / Inuktut Titiqqiqiliriniq Program

Inuktut Titiqqiriniq is a comprehensive Inuktut literacy program. It was created in Nunavut by educators, linguists, and language consultants with extensive testing and input from Nunavut educators. The program consists of instructional tools and resources. Inuktut Titiqqiqiliriniq is the Inuinnaqtun version of this program.

The following one-pagers provide information on various components within the program.


Inuktut Titiqqiriniq Binders

Middle School Language Arts Binder


Balanced Literacy Resources

Classroom Environment

Nipittiavait Inuktitut

Literacy Centres


Big Books

Book Studies (Elementary)

Book Studies (Middle School)

Takuttalirilli! magazine


In-service Videos

Inuktut Titiqqiriniq Resource Checklist