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J’enseigne en français

Teaching French as a first language in minority settings in Canada


Canada’s Francophone communities are spread out from coast to coast and from north to south. This diverse Francophone population is shaped by the school settings where its members grow, learn and express themselves. In the majority of provinces and territories, French teaching happens in a minority‑language setting and in accordance with community‑specific needs.

That's why the French as a First Language Consortium Committee (FFL Consortium Committee) of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) has developed resources for teaching French as a first language in minority settings in Canada.

In 2013, the FFL Consortium Committee announced a self‑training program, Approche culturelle de l’enseignement (, to provide instructors with resources for a culture‑based approach to teaching French. In 2018, the FFL Consortium Committee put its oral communication training package online, with the Communico self‑training (

Now, in 2020, the FFL Consortium Committee has created the website J’enseigne en français au Canada (jenseigne-en-franç for instructors of French in minority settings. The site provides a variety of tools for getting the most out of the Communico and Approche culturelle de l’enseignement self‑trainings, and allows instructors to directly consult various FFL Consortium Committee resources. With J’enseigne en français au Canada, the FFL Consortium Committee hopes to create a centralized hub for all its future pedagogical resources.