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Licensed Facilities

All Nunavut-based non-profit organizations in good legal standing with Nunavut Legal Registries can apply for funding to start or maintain a licensed childcare facility.

The Department of Education licenses community early childhood facilities under the Child Day Care Act, providing start-up and annual operations funding to non-profit licensed childcare facilities and family day homes.

Regional offices administer applications and act as liaisons between non-profit organizations and the division of Early Childhood Education.

To be eligible for funding, an organization must be registered as a non-profit, and be in good standing with Nunavut Legal Registries.


Eligibility and Licensing

Anyone can apply for a childcare facility license.

Applications for funding to start up or run a childcare program will be accepted from all non-profit organizations in good standing with Nunavut Legal Registries, including organizations such as the local District Education Authorities, municipalities, and family day homes (which are considered non-profit but do not need proof of good standing).

To register a non-profit organization, please contact:


Nunavut Legal Registries

Department of Justice
Government of Nunavut
P.O. Box 1000 Station 570
Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0
Phone: (867) 975-6190
Fax: (867) 975-6194



All organizations currently or desiring to begin running a childcare facility must obtain a license to do so. For information regarding applying for a license and starting a childcare facility, please click here.

All licensed childcare facilities in Nunavut must abide by the Nunavut Child Day Care Act and the Regulations.



Non-profit organizations can receive funding to support new and existing childcare programs and facilities.

Community early childhood facilities are licensed by the Department of Education. Regional offices are responsible for issuing start-up grants, providing ongoing program contributions, inspecting facilities annually, as well as providing licensing and operating support.

For Day Care Grants and Contributions, the three main funding categories are:


Operation and Maintenance

Program contribution funding helps maintain established, licensed childcare programs. It also encourages the development of qualified staff and programs, and the provision of infant and special needs spaces. O & M program contribution money is annual funding that can be used for any operating expenses.


Health and Safety

Health & safety funding (limited to $5,000.00) is provided to correct or improve the facility through repairs, renovations, or additional equipment so that it meets all fire and health regulations. Facilities in currently operating GN buildings are not eligible for this funding component of the Early Childhood Program.


Start-Up contributions

Funding for non-profit organizations is offered to promote the development of licensed non-profit childcare programs.
This funding is a one-time source of money to help childcare facilities purchase the necessary toys, equipment, and program materials needed to open.   This funding cannot be used to purchase, construct or do major renovations to a building.

For more information regarding the types of grants available, as well as application requirements, please click here.