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Nunavut Educators Certification Service

Nunavut Educators Certification Service

The Nunavut Educators Certification Service (NECS) is responsible for issuing teaching certificates to all Nunavut educators. Certificates are issued based on the qualifications of the educator and impacts the pay scale level an educator is placed upon hire. Different types of certificates allow educators to teach different subjects and grades.

If you are teaching in a Nunavut school, you must hold a valid Nunavut Teaching Certificate. If you do not have one or if your certificate is about to expire, you will need to download and complete the appropriate application form.

NECS also issues Statements of Professional Standing (SOPS) for former Nunavut teachers who have or are moving from the territory to other jurisdictions. You can download the Statement of Professional Standing form to request one.

Teacher Registrar -

Salary Re-evaluation

The Registrar, Nunavut Educators' Certification Service, is responsible for initial salary placement as well as for salary re-evaluation based on newly acquired credentials. An educator may request a salary re-evaluation after he/she has taken additional courses and/or has completed an additional degree or diploma. (Please note: Only credit courses completed at a recognized college or university are acceptable.)


Salary re-evaluation takes place in a four-step process.

Step 1: The educator requests a salary re-evaluation. This is done by filling out the Salary Re-evaluation Form and submitting it to the Registrar along with all supporting documentation such as academic transcripts. Only official transcripts sent directly to the Nunavut Educators' Certification Service from the issuing institutions will be accepted. (Please note: In the event that the NECS does not have transcripts used for initial certification, the educator will have to request transcripts from ALL institutions attended.)

Step 2: The Registrar re-evaluates the salary placement within 15 days of receiving all pertinent documents. Once the calculations are done, he/she will complete a Salary Placement for Teaching Personnel Form. The form is then faxed to the Regional School Operations and the original mailed to the educator.

Step 3: If the educator is satisfied with the re-evaluation, then no further action is taken.

Step 4: If the educator does not agree with the salary re-evaluations, he/she may appeal the decision.


Salary Appeals

A teacher may, in writing to the Registrar, request a review of a decision of their placement on the salary level. On receiving a request the Registrar shall forward the request and all relevant material in his or her possession to the chairperson of the Nunavut Educators' Qualification Service.

The Nunavut Educators' Qualification Service shall review the information provided by the Registrar and shall, as soon as practicable after the receipt of the information, confirm or vary the decision of the Registrar. The chairperson shall advise the Registrar, in writing, of the decision made and provide written reasons for it. The Registrar shall provide to the teacher the written decision and reasons of the Nunavut Educator Qualification Service. The decision of the Nunavut Educator Qualification Service is final.


For more information on teaching certification, SOPS, or salary evaluation, please contact:

Nunavut Educators Certification Service
PO Box 1000, Station 900
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0
Phone: (867) 975-5600 (EST)

*If scanning and email is not an option for you, Registrar's direct fax is: (867)-975-5610


Nunavut Principal Certification

In addition to a Nunavut teaching certificate principals and vice-principals in Nunavut must earn a certificate of eligibility as a principal in Nunavut within three years of the start date of their principal or vice-principal assignment. This certificate provides opportunities to learn about leadership in Nunavut through theory and practical application.

Please contact Educator Development if you have any questions:
Ph 1-867-975-5600