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Orientation Supports

In Nunavut, teacher orientation departs from the traditional approach and applies to all educators, new and experienced. It lays the groundwork for culturally responsive teaching, builds appreciation through community connection, and prepares you for the classroom in a Nunavut school.


Orientation reflects the dynamic and evolving education system and supports our positive momentum and progress. We value the educator community and work to ensure that everyone is well-supported in our unique and changing environment by providing current information every year.


Investing in you builds a system that empowers educators to create ideal learning environments that promote our children’s academic, social, and emotional success. Our approach supports professional, peer, and personal growth for new and current educators.


Orientation takes place before and at the beginning of the school year. Orientation refers to tools, resource materials, and activities that enable school leaders and new teachers to become familiar with the classroom, school, school staff, and education system in Nunavut and in the community.


The following orientation guides have been developed specifically to help newly hired educators adjust to their new roles:


Optional orientation opportunities are offered each summer. Past opportunities have included conference calls and a non-credit online course. Newly hired educators are automatically contacted, or you can contact


As you prepare for your new position, you may want to review the following:


Two Orientation Days are scheduled within the first 30 days of the school year. The purpose of these days is to provide community and school orientation to staff. Topics include staff expectations, school policies and procedures, timetables, and routines. Government mandates and Department of Education priorities will be addressed. Community awareness will also be a focus, especially for staff new to the community. Community tours, introductions to relevant school partners, and meet-and-greets at the school help to establish strong school-community partnerships.