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Student Support and Wellness

Student Support Services staff help to develop guidelines and supports for inclusive education programming, including supports for the full range of learner needs. They work with regional school operations to improve school success for all students.

Educators in Nunavut are revising their practices to respond to the increasingly diverse nature of their classrooms. Teaching strategies and programming have to be relevant and reflect an emphasis on student strengths. To do this, the importance of working with others, including parents and health professionals, is important.

We are currently reviewing inclusive education in Nunavut. This process is being guided by an Advisory Committee of educators and will be completed in March 2015. The objective of the review is to develop a guide for inclusive education in Nunavut and identify potential gaps in services and challenges in delivering appropriate programming. The main outcome of the review is to offer the Department evidence-based recommendations that address the challenges of teaching and reaching all students in K-12.

Once the review and guide for future practice are completed, this web page will be revised.