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Who can become a DEA member?

Guidelines for eligibility to run in a DEA election are governed under Section 19 of the Local Authority Elections Act. In general, DEA elections are open to any member of the community who is the age of 18 years or older and can vote in Nunavut.


To be nominated to stand as a DEA candidate you must: 

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Be a resident of Nunavut for at least 12 consecutive months at the time of nomination
  • Be a resident of the community for no specific time period


You are not eligible to be nominated or to stand as a candidate as a member of a DEA if you are:

  • Are a member of the school staff
  • Are a person hired for the delivery of adult education programs
  • Are an employee of the DEA
  • Are an election officer, including Elections Nunavut
  • Are in prison or other correctional institution
  • Have been convicted under the Election act within the last five years
  • Have been found to have not complied with financial reporting from an MLA election within the last five years
  • Have been found incapable of making decisions for yourself in a court of law


For more information please go to section 19 of the Local Authority Elections Act or contact your local DEA.