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15th Anniversary of Trois-Soleils School

05 June 2017

The Honourable Paul Quassa
Minister of Education

15th Anniversary of Trois-Soleils School

Mr. Speaker, I stand today to share with you and my fellow members that Trois-Soleils school celebrated its 15th anniversary last month.

Mr. Speaker, an anniversary celebration took place on April 27 and was attended by many members of the community. The event was not only a celebration of the founding of the school but was also a celebration of the well-established roots of French Education in Nunavut. French education has been alive and thriving in our territory for 25 years.

Mr. Speaker, for 15 years, the Trois-Soleils school has provided the francophone students and their families an access to education in their first language. French first language education is offered from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with eighty-four (84) students currently enrolled.

Mr. Speaker, my department has witnessed the school’s ongoing commitment to the francophone community. Parents, students and staff of the Trois-Soleils School bring a vibrant cultural and linguistic perspective to our community. Furthermore, many students who attended the school are now active members of our community. 

Mr. Speaker and fellow members, join me in congratulating Trois-Soleils school.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.