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NWT wildfires: travel notice for FANS students

18 August 2023

Public Service Announcement
NWT wildfires: travel notice for FANS students

The Department of Education’s Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students (FANS) office is monitoring the wildfire situation in the Northwest Territories (NWT), and the impacts on flights through Yellowknife.

FANS clients who travel through Yellowknife to attend school are asked to continue to follow the FANS travel procedures to arrange their flight to school by submitting the FANS Travel Request Form to the FANS office. Students who have not yet submitted their travel forms should do so as soon as possible. The FANS office encourages students to submit the form two weeks in advance of their requested travel date to ensure there is adequate time to process and book travel.

Please note that there may be changes to flight schedules that impact the dates and available routes.

The FANS office will notify clients if there are changes in their travel due to the NWT wildfires.

If you have any travel questions, please contact


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Matthew IIIaszewicz
Director, Stakeholder Engagement
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