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Student Transcript Request Reminder

17 July 2023

Public Service Announcement
Student Transcript Request Reminder

Are you a student needing an official student transcript to apply to post-secondary studies?

Student transcripts are available at no cost to all Nunavut high school students and post-secondary students. Transcripts include all secondary courses completed in Nunavut or Nunavut equivalencies resulting from the evaluation of out-of-territory documents.

For those applying to post-secondary institutions, the deadline for submitting complete applications, which must include official high school transcripts, is August 1, 2023.

Please note that July 17, 2023 is the last day transcripts can be requested in time to meet the August 1 deadline. (Transcripts can still be requested after July 17, 2023, but due to processing times, you may not receive them until after the August 1 deadline.)

Any student requesting a copy of their transcript must:


Media Contact:

Matthew Illaszewicz
Director, Stakeholder Engagement
Department of Education