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Success in Education for Nunavummiut

08 June 2017

The Honourable Paul Quassa
Minister of Education

Success in Education for Nunavummiut

Mr. Speaker, I stand before you and my fellow members today because I wish to express my pride in our young people and my thanks for the dedication of our educators and educational staff across the territory.  Every day our young people are working towards achieving excellence in their education, and they are being supported by a dedicated team of educators and staff.  Earlier this week we recognized and celebrated a young student from Iqaluit, who is on a fast-track to medical school and with the close of this school year Igloolik and Sanikiluaq will see the highest graduation rates in their school’s histories.

Mr. Speaker, all of the people that work in our education system are focused on the success of our students.  Together we are implementing key tools to support students and continually improve the quality of our education system and resources; for example we are proud of the development of over 300 Inuktitut books for our guided reading program, the initiation of the development of the guided reading program in Inuinnaqtun, and the upcoming implementation of our updated K-6 Inuktitut Language Arts Curriculum.

Mr. Speaker, I appreciate this opportunity to stand before the house and recognize all the success of our students and the positive work of our staff and educators across our great territory.  We often hear negative comments about our education system, or the loss of our language and our culture, but Mr. Speaker I want us to remember our successes too.  I want our children to know we are working hard for their futures, and I want to make sure that we don’t forget how important it is to encourage each other as we work towards achieving all our dreams for the future of Nunavut.  I am grateful to work with such devoted people, and to partake in celebrating the success of our students.  Mr. Speaker I think we can all look forward to the positive contributions our students will make to our communities in the future.  Thank you, Mr. Speaker.