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GN acting on Auditor-General’s audits of school and daycare safety, education in Nunavut

20 November 2013


GN acting on Auditor-General’s audits of school and daycare safety, education in Nunavut

November 20, 2013

Iqaluit, NU

The Government of Nunavut’s departments of Community and Government Services, and Education today responded to the Office of the Auditor-General’s report, Safety of Schools and Childcare Facilities in Nunavut:

"The safety of our schools and daycares and the students, staff and community members that use these facilities, is very important to us. We accept the Auditor-General’s findings and are working collaboratively to improve how we conduct, report and follow-up on safety inspections in schools and child care facilities.

Several actions have already been taken which directly address findings in this report. These include:

  • Identifying key contacts at CGS and Education to respond to inspection requests and reports;
  • Streamlining the process for preventative and regular maintenance requests by implementing new facility management guidelines..
  • Conducting daycare inspections on a 10 month cycle so all daycare inspections are completed annually, and;
  • Developing a SAFE Schools strategy that will provide a manual on all elements of safety for use by all schools and child care facilities.

Education and CGS are developing new tools for tracking and following-up on inspections in schools and child care facilities and are establishing improved procedures to ensure inspection and maintenance reports are followed-up as required.

A review of the Fire Prevention Act is currently underway to ensure that our legislation is comparable to other jurisdictions and national codes. The Department of Education is working to develop an early childhood education operations manual outlining all responsibilities, policies and procedures."

The Department of Education also addressed the Office of the Auditor-General’s report, Education in Nunavut:

"The Department of Education agrees with all the finding of the OAG report on education in Nunavut and will work in partnership with parents and communities to develop a higher quality education system in Nunavut.

The department has an approved directive on student placement, promotion and retention that outlines the cooperative roles of parents, school staff, District Education Authorities (DEA) and Regional School operations staff in the effective progression of students.

To address the findings on education in Nunavut the department is:

  • Working with Nunavut Arctic College on review of the NTEP program to strengthen the education system by finding ways to increase the number of Inuit language teachers.
  • Drafting a three year plan to develop, implement and evaluate differentiated instruction to support inclusive education.
  • Reporting on Education Act implementation to support the required review of the Education Act."


Media Contact:

Hillary Casey
Communications Officer
Community and Government Services

Wende Halonen
Manager of Communications