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Premier Quassa releases Turaaqtavut

20 March 2018

News Release

Premier Quassa releases Turaaqtavut

IQALUIT, Nunavut (March 20, 2018) - Premier Paul Quassa tabled the Government of Nunavut’s mandate for the next four years at the Nunavut Legislative Assembly today. Turaaqtavut – heading towards a goal – lays out five priority areas, guided by Inuit Qaujimajatuqangiit and Inuit Societal Values.

"My colleagues and I have created a mandate that reflects our shared priorities to address the overarching needs of Nunavummiut, and realize the vision for Nunavut that led to the creation of our territory and government," said Premier Quassa. "We recognize the work to be done, with a deep appreciation of our predecessors’ efforts and accomplishments. We remain bold and positive in our vision, and commit to action to improve the quality of life of all Nunavummiut."

Turaaqtavut establishes Nunavut’s key priorities for 2018-2021:

  • Working towards the well-being and self-reliance of our people and our communities through Inuusivut.
  • Developing our infrastructure and economy in ways that support a positive future for our people, our communities, and our land through Pivaallirutivut.
  • Providing education and training that prepares children, youth and adults for positive contributions to society and for meaningful employment through Sivummuaqpalliajjutivut.
  • Strengthening Nunavut as a distinct territory in Canada and the world through Inuunivut.
  • Working in partnership to advance the goals and aspirations of Nunavummiut through Katujjiqatigiinnivut.

A government-wide implementation plan to complement the mandate is in development, and progress reports will be made available throughout the 5th Legislative Assembly of Nunavut. "Guided by both traditional knowledge and modern practices, with principles rooted in fostering our distinct language, values and culture, we commit to bring new energy, new solutions and new possibilities to help our people, our land and our future," said Premier Quassa.

Turaaqtavut is available online at


Media Contact:

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Press Secretary
Office of Premier Quassa
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