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Celebrate 2018 United Nations World Wildlife Day!

02 March 2018 

Public Service Announcement

Celebrate 2018 United Nations World Wildlife Day!

On March 3, join the Department of Environment and celebrate United Nations (UN) World Wildlife Day! This year’s theme "Big Cats: Predators Under Threat" will be celebrated around the world to raise awareness for the survival of all big cat species.

The Canadian Lynx is Nunavut’s native big cat species, and is just one of the world’s big cats facing a variety of threats caused by human activities, such as poaching, human-wildlife contact, habitat loss, and climate change.

Celebrate World Wildlife Day by:

  • Learning more about current environmental issues, and your individual impact on wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Sharing questions with your friends, family, and community about wildlife conservation.
  • Volunteering your time to help keep your community and local habitat clean to protect wildlife and ecosystems.

There are many ways for you and your community to support and promote awareness on these issues. For more information visit


Media Contact:

Debbie Purvis
Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach
Department of Environment