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Nunavut Permafrost Databank

08 June 2016

Public Service Announcement

Nunavut Permafrost Databank

The Nunavut Permafrost Databank has launched! This new online resource for sharing permafrost data helps Nunavummiut make more informed decisions on infrastructure and development, and learn more about ongoing permafrost research.

This databank lets users explore permafrost projects across the territory. It is a free, quick and easy way for communities and researchers to find information about the temperature, depth, and type of permafrost in Nunavut.

Shifting permafrost is impacting Nunavut’s infrastructure and creating instability in buildings, roads, airstrips, and other structures. Sharing and using permafrost data will help Nunavummiut to be better informed and prepared to deal with these changes.

The Government of Nunavut is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of communities through improved research, monitoring, and sharing of information on climate change in Nunavut.

The Nunavut Permafrost Databank is online at


Media Contact:

Tana Silverland
Manager, Communications, Education and Outreach
Department of Environment