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COVID-19 GN Update - December 2, 2020

02 December 2020

COVID-19 GN Update - December 2, 2020

Premier’s update:

Good morning. Today, Nunavut has 11 new cases of COVID-19, all in Arviat.

Nunavut now has a total of 80 active cases of COVID-19. The total number of persons followed to date is 4964. There are 724 persons currently being followed. 113 Nunavummiut have now recovered from the virus.

As we begin our first day of eased restriction in all communities except Arviat, I want to remind everyone that the public health measures are our best defense in keeping our numbers on the right track. Please don’t mistake loosening restrictions with not having to do your part or being prepared for COVID-19.

Nunavut has seen firsthand how easily the virus is transmitted, so we need to keep working hard and staying diligent.

Wash your hands often; keep strong physical distance and wear your mask when that’s not possible; keep gatherings small; and stay home if you feel unwell.

We’re all counting on one another to keep our communities safe.

Let’s all stay well and safe and do our part.


Chief Public Health Officer Update:

Good morning. First, I want to take a moment and address the measures still in effect in Arviat.  For the time being, the public health restrictions in the community remain the same as in the past two weeks, in order to stop community transmission. Masks are mandatory in all public spaces. Outdoor gatherings should not be more than 5 people. There should not be any visiting in other people’s homes or cabins. Travel out of Arviat is still restricted.

I know that it is a difficult time as the strict measures continue, but please understand it is not meant to punish the people of Arviat, this is the best way to break community transmission and the fastest way to eventually loosen the restrictions.

I want to add, that after review of the latest public health information available, masks in both Whale Cove and Rankin Inlet will continue to be mandatory. Moving forward, all communities with active COVID-19 masks will be mandatory.

Today, I also want to address questions around the length of isolation in homes where there is household transmission.

The isolation period for people who test positive for COVID-19 is 10 days from the moment they receive a positive test or from the moment they develop symptoms- whichever comes first. After the 10 days, the person is no longer considered infectious and is cleared by public health.

High-risk contacts – including people who live in the same house as the positive person - have a high risk of exposure and must isolate immediately after a household member has tested positive in order to prevent community transmission. They must also remain in isolation for an additional 14 days after the last person who tested positive in their household has stopped being infectious.

This is because exposure to the virus can happen anytime between the moment a household member tests positive and the following 10 days of their isolation period.

It's also important to note, that the risk of household transmission can be reduced by maintaining physical distancing as much as possible, regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched often, like door-knobs and counter tops, using separate bathrooms if possible, not sharing drinking glasses and utensils, wearing a mask, and washing your hands often.

Finally, I want to thank all Nunavummiut for their continued cooperation. The only way we can stop the spread of the virus is by working together.


As part of the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) effort to protect Nunavummiut against the risk of COVID-19, GN Departments are implementing the following:

Department of Health Services

For all the latest information and resources about COVID-19 in Nunavut, go to:

For the latest information on current public health restrictions, go to:

COVID-19 case status: Dec. 2

Total confirmed cases Total active cases Total recovered cases Total persons followed Current persons followed
193 80 113 4964 724

COVID-19 community case statistics: Dec. 2

Community Confirmed COVID-19 cases yesterday Confirmed COVID-19 cases today Change in case count +/- from previous day Recovered Cases Total active cases
Arviat 140 151 11 86 65
Whale Cove 21 21 0 14 7
Rankin Inlet 19 19 0 11 8
Sanikiluaq 2 2 0 2 0
TOTAL  182 193 11 113 80

Testing stats to date per community: Dec. 2

Community Tests Positive Tests Negative
Arviat 151 588
Whale Cove 21 125
Rankin Inlet 19 219
Sanikiluaq 2 184
TOTAL  193 1116

Isolation population:

Total (All Health Isolation Locations)  
Traveler Type Guests in Isolation as of Dec. 1
Medical 107
Public  163
Total 270

Traveller repatriation summary:

Departure Date # of Travellers from Health Isolation Sites
02-Dec 92
03-Dec 39
04-Dec 18
05-Dec 1
06-Dec 6
Total 156

Critical Worker Requests:

As of Dec. 1 there were 9693 requests, 4511 of which were critical worker requests.

Request Status # %
Approved (includes critical and non-critical) 6459 66.6%
Denied 281 2.9%
Pending 247 2.6%
Common Travel Area 2706 27.8%
Total 9693 100%


Department of Justice Services

Adjusted services:

Justice Services in all communities except Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove and Arviat, will reopen the following offices to the public:

  • Community Justice Offices.
  • Victim Services Office.
  • Community Corrections Offices.
  • Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.
  • Legal Registries.
  • Rental Office.
  • The Nunavut Court of Justice Building.
  • Labour Standards Office.
  • Family Support Office.


Closed /Cancelled/Suspended services:

Correctional facilities remain closed to the public. The established precautionary measures will remain in place.

Community Corrections

Offices in Arviat, Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove will remain closed and clients are still required to contact the office using the numbers below: 

Region Community Contact Name Contact Number
Kivalliq: Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove Rosie Ussak 867-645-6458
  Arviat Jeannie Alikut 867-857-8509

Community Justice

In-person meetings for Community Justice in Arviat, Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove are restricted to emergency situations where the client has no access to a phone or safe location to contact our service providers over the phone. Individuals are asked to contact the on-call Family Abuse Intervention Act (FAIA) line if they have any questions or need support using the following number 1-844-534-1038. The call will be assessed to determine the support needed and directed to a Community Justice Specialist who can help with applications and resource referrals.



Department of Family Services

Closed /Cancelled/Suspended services:

Income Assistance offices across the territory will be maintaining the current procedures in place.

Income Assistance appointments will be done by phone as much as possible with in-person appointments as needed. Clients should call their local IAW or the Regional Office to set up an appointment and leave a message if there is no answer, they will be called back.


Department of Education Services

Closed /Cancelled/Suspended services:

Stage 4 - Arviat

All schools in Arviat will continue implementing their Stage 4 action plans with all schools in Arviat remaining closed until further notice from the Chief Public Health Officer. All instruction in Arviat will continue to be conducted remotely and teachers/school staff will be contacting their students and families on a regular basis.

Adjusted Services:

K-12 Schools

Beginning December 2, 2020, Nunavut schools will move to the following stages:

  • Stage 3 – Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove
  • Stage 2 – All other Nunavut schools

Stage 3 - Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove

As of December 2, 2020:

  • Elementary school students in Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove will have a blend of in-school and remote learning. Students will attend school three days per week. Specific schedules will be determined by each school’s Stage 3 action plan.
  • Middle and high school students in Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove will have a blend of in-school and remote learning. Students will attend school two days per week. Specific schedules will be determined by each school’s Stage 3 action plan.

Stage 2 - All Nunavut communities, except Arviat, Rankin Inlet, and Whale Cove

As of December 2, 2020:

  • Elementary schools in all Nunavut communities, except Arviat, Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove, will be open full-time, five days per week.
  • Middle and high schools in all Nunavut communities, except Arviat, Rankin Inlet and Whale Cove, will have a blend of in-school and remote learning. Students will attend school 2-3 days per week. Specific schedules will be determined by each school’s Stage 2 action plan.

Updates on community stages will be posted on the Department of Education website:

Early Learning and Child Care

  • Because of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Arviat, child care facilities have been recommended to remain closed by the Chief Public Health Officer. Government of Nunavut funding to licensed child care facilities in Arviat will continue as normal.
  • Beginning December 2, 2020, all childcare facilities in Nunavut communities, except Arviat, can open under current health and safety guidelines and measures.

Edsby update

29 of the 45 schools’ student accounts are activated. The 16 remaining schools are either in process or are not completed.



Department of Economic Development and Transportation Services

Ongoing services:

  • Airport operations and maintenance continues.
    • Access to all Air Terminal Buildings remain restricted to staff, passengers, and people providing assistance to passengers.
    • Masks must be worn at all times in all Air Terminal Buildings.
    • Follow all public health guidelines.
  • Departmental services outside of Arviat have returned to in-office.

Adjusted services:

Following the lessening of public health restrictions, departmental offices outside of Arviat are reopening.

  • Public facing services outside of Arviat are available in-person.
    • As it is impractical to ensure full social distancing at all times, masks will be required for in-person services.
    • Rankin Inlet’s Motor Vehicle Offices will reopen for in-person services on Monday December 7th.
    • Nunavummiut are encouraged to access services electronically or by phone where possible.
  • Motor Vehicle examination services have resumed. The schedule for community driver examinations is being developed.
  • Many Motor Vehicles services remain additionally available online at this includes:
    • Driver’s Licence Renewals
    • General Identification Card Renewals
    • Vehicle Registration Renewals
    • Requests for Driver’s Abstracts, Vehicle Searches, and Accident Reports

Closed /Cancelled/Suspended services:

  • All in-person departmentally hosted conference and in trainings.
  • Department’s offices in Arviat remain closed.


Department of Environment Services

Adjusted services:

  • Public services are returning to normal operation in all Nunavut communities, except Arviat.
  • In Arviat, the department continues to respond to problem wildlife and spills.
    • Polar bear monitors continue to patrol Arviat, with instructions to have no in-person contact with the general public and to follow the protocols outlined by the Chief Public Health Officer. For wildlife response 24 hours a day, please call 867-857-6944.
    • All spills are to be reported to the Nunavut Spill Line at 867-920-8130, 24 hours a day:  
  • All territorial parks are open. In Iqaluit, the road at Sylvia Grinnell Park has been cleared to provide access to the river.

Closed/Cancelled/Suspended Services:

  • The wildlife office in Arviat is closed to the public until further notice.



Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs Services

Adjusted services:

  • Government Liaison Offices are open except for offices in Arviat and Whale Cove.
  • Masks are mandatory in the Rankin Inlet office.



Nunavummiut’s health is our shared responsibility! Remember: wash your hands and surfaces, practice social distancing, listen to the advice of health officials, and stay home if you’re sick.